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Catching up!

Well…since Valentines is past, I should probably accept that Christmas has too.:) In honor of that, (and my procrastination) here our my short snippets of the sweet families I was honored to shoot for this Christmas season! Tomorrow I will post the sweet couples I was able to shoot for Christmas also! Yall…I’m getting caught up! Hooray!

ALSO, I am going to brag on how blessed I am to even know these families. I am blessed that I got to hang out and laugh and live a small amount of life with them. It brings me to tears to think of how big of a blessing it is on me personally. I don’t mind how silly that sounds, or maybe even how many times you have read that exact thing from a photographer. It’s true. The Lord shapes my heart in a different way every time I spend time with these families. He deepens my desire for a family of my own someday. He deepens my love for Him watching a family giggle together. He deepens my love for children. He stretches me in ways you would never imagine through a “job” I am so grateful to even have. With that being said, if you are one of these families…thank you. You are so beautiful, and I am so thankful for our friendship!

Okay…so now you can see all the beautiful faces I just talked about! Enjoy!



The Babb Family


Chelsie and Natalie


The Brown Family


The Kahlich Family


Tatum and Peyton


The Miller Family


The Richey Family


The Stumbo Family


The Turner Family


The Weathers Family




Chelsie - :)

Valentines Mini Sessions!

Hi sweet lovebirds and friends!

I decided last minute that I am offering a Valentines Mini Session that will last for a little over a week! Christmas mini’s were such a hit, I figured, why not again?! With that being said, here is more information regarding the sessions! Choose to do a session before or after Valentines, or even purchase a session as a gift for your sweetie! Or maybe you’re proposing on Valentines?…Book a session and I could photograph your proposal! There might be some cute message sweethearts, or paper hearts and garland?:)

Only available February 8th-February 19th, limited space available!

Mini Session
30 minute session
up to 15 high resolution images on a disc
Copyright Release Form
(addtional charge for groups more than 4 people)


Book a session through the “Contact Me” section of the blog, website or facebook!
Or email me at tarahobgood@yahoo.com!

Please let me know if you have any questions!




Tidwell | Lubbock Family

This was one of the first of my many many Christmas Mini Sessions! This is the Tidwell family, and I shot this sweet couples wedding a couple of years ago! It is such a blessing to be able to capture moments for a family, from a wedding to a family. Their daughter was a little diva, and I loved it. She had no problem cheesin’ and playing around. (Plus the parents let her, it makes the session so much more fun and natural!) Trust me, we got lots of silly images and lots of sweet images! I adore you Tidwell family! Enjoy this precious little session and leave some lovin! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

ally mceachern - such good photos, t! youre doing great!

Aileen - Thank you so much, Tara!!! We have really enjoyed these pictures and will for the rest of our lives!! You’re the best!! Love!

Edie - Beautiful! Aileen, sweetie you look so much like your mom. These pictures tig at my heart.

erin bradley - these pictures are so wonderful sister! captured this precious family so well :)

tara - beautiful photos!

Hannah | Monterey Senior

This is one of my favorite seniors to this day. I might be a little biased because I adore this girl and her family. Her older brother, Spencer was one of my good friends growing up. We all went to the same church, youth group, had the same group of friends. She is the youngest of the three kiddos. Let me just say that I have never met two older brothers that take care of a little sister the way her brothers do and always have. This little lady has a beautiful heart and seriously the most contagious laugh…but you will catch that after looking at this images. It was an absolutely beautiful…freezing morning. But I think it was well worth freezing to catch some of this holy yummy light on camera. Hannah, thank you so much for letting me try to capture your beautiful spirit and this special time in your life! She is headed to Texas Tech next year, and I couldn’t be more excited for her!


Get ready for many more posts coming up, because I have alot to share! Please feel free to leave some love! Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!



Jade - So beautiful T!! I can’t tell you how much I adore these photos of precious Hannah. And I’m not the only one who said Wow! Kyle could not believe how grown up and beautiful she is either!
And that must be a Thomas smile bc it’s the exact same as Spencer’s!
Great job T, and congrats to Hannah on your senior year!

Bayli - Stunning! I can’t believe Hannah is a senior. She is absolutely beautiful. Well captured friend!

My New Brand! YAY!

Oh, my sweet friends. My heart is so full. This sweet labor of love is finally finished. I have a new look to everything, website, blog, facebook, and packaging. Last year, I had a friend design my first logo when I decided to really get serious about my business. Well little did I know I would be getting married six months later. It truly is crazy how much changes in a year. One year ago, I was asked to join in life with my love. Six months later, we were married. Now, were coming up on six months of being married! With that being said, I believe I have changed. So, I contacted my sweet friend Kristen Witherspoon to redesign my brand. Kristen and her brother Jacob, were nothing short of absolutely amazing to say the least. Please check them out, http://www.odysseyonestudios.com/ and consider using them if you’re needing design work done!

Here is what lead us to this final product:

All of that turned into this!

So here it is, and my heart is open to the new possibilities that are to come. I am so grateful to be able to even do this, or be here for that matter. Thank you to everyone especially my loving husband for trusting in my dream and family for always loving and supporting me. I am so excited and inspired in this season of my life. I cannot wait to work with those of you who are in the future, I hope to meet many new people in the following year. Come back and visit often, I have so many wonderful seniors, families from christmas and sweet little weddings to share! Love you all dearly! Happy New Year!

Alexandra Nanny - Sweet Tara! Everything is perfect! It explains you and what you create beautifully. Congratulations on your new brand launch and I pray that the Lord continues to bless your business as he uses it as a vessel for His name to be glorified as He is continually through you. Enjoy this season and with every client you invest in be sure to take time and invest in yourself, your marriage and your family! You are an inspiration my dear! Love the NEW BRAND!! Yeay!! -Alexandra

Adan Serna - Oh wow, I love the colors your branding revolves around!

jade - i tried to comment yesterday and it wouldn’t let me!
i am so incredibly proud to know you, to be taught by you, to find your heart in photos of other people. How beautiful you are! I can’t imagine what the Father sees when He looks at your photos. I imagine tears in His eyes.
I can’t believe how lucky I am to know you, and your precious husband.
I expect Leo will be gracing the blog soon. :) puppies are the gateway to inspiration. i swear by that.
you are incredible and fiercely loved. darling girl.