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Ama & Matt | Lubbock Engagement


When this couple started dating…I think everyone knew they would end up where they are today. Matt and I went to the same high school and were great friends for several years. Ama and I met in college at the Wesley foundation. Matt and Ama also met at the Wesley foundation, and now are both interning there. This place is blooming some seriously beautiful marriages and it is awesome to watch! These two just get each other…and seriously cool. No lie people. They love the Lord, and that is a beautiful thing. They are getting married this summer in July at the Kent Hance Chapel on Texas Tech’ Campus. I get to shoot two weddings there this summer yall! Yes! I am so excited for this wedding, it is going to be simple, beautiful and real. That is perfect and represents this marriage to the T.

We got together for a mini-session one Saturday morning, I was ohhh-ing and awhhh-ing over the light. (sounding like a nerd of course…) I just kept repeating how happy I was for the two of them…Bless their hearts for putting up with me.



Matt - you are great and thank you so much.

Jade - Oh Matt! Such a beautiful love!
T. I’m drooling over that light too! Wonderful, beautiful, simply light.
love it darlin girl!

jennifer blair - What a precious couple! So sweet! I’m loving the light in these too!

You make me happy.




So, I need a raise of hands of how many people thought that we were having a baby…haha! Nope, not us. (Even though this thing called baby fever has entered our home…for me that is!) This is Chad and Brianna Sales. AND THEY ARE HAVING A BABY!!!!!!! Bri is the older sister to one of my husbands best friends, Tabor, so this family has been adopted by me as very special. Bri called me a few weeks ago and let me know she was wanting photos to surprise her family of their newest addition! After a couple of days of brainstorming, I found a few stop motion videos and thought how fun it would be to do with them. So I asked this sweet couple to be my guinea pigs and they kindly agreed. My husband and I met with them on Sunday evening (sneakily) and seriously had the best time. So, I luckily had to sit and wait and wait and wait and sit and hold in this sweet little secret with my husband until the news was out. And trust me, it was tough! Especially since Heath and Tabor work together and we hang out on a regular basis. We definitely almost let it slip a couple of times…(She would have killed us!) P.S.- I HAVE to mention that Bri is an incredible cook/baker…and brought us an amazing chocolate pound cake to enjoy while I finished the video! I just cried and cried when I finished, I am such a girl. Their family now knows and now I can share with the world!! We are so excited for this sweet family and cannot wait until this sweet baby gets here! Chad and Bri, thank you so much for hanging out with us! We think you’re really cool.

Tara - Cutest thing ever.

Shay Sales - Tara, if this was your first attempt at this type of video….KUDOS to ya agirl!!! When we first saw this, my husband and I cried, you have no idea how happy we are for Chad and Bri (and us too of course). You captured the fun, sweet, quirky, loving, dorky side of these two beautiful souls! They will be amazing parents, I am happy for us all!!!

Great job again….just beautiful work indeed!


Haleigh & Kraig | Lubbock Engagement

All these engagement sessions are making me love my husband more. Really, its true! It is crazy that we have been married for 7 months, and 14 months ago we were doing the exact same thing. Time is so precious. I always stress to my brides how fast everything will pass…even if it feels like they are moving as slow a turtle. Your engagement is such a beautiful season to be in. Hard, challenging, growing, encouraging, and so many more things! I look back on that time with a humble and warm heart, and to share the same season with my bride and grooms is seriously a treasure! I am so thankful for each and every one of their friendships I have began to build with them. I encourage you all to love on your engaged people around you! This season is so important for their marriage and the people that surround them and encourage that is crucial.

This couple. Ya’ll, Haleigh and Kraig seriously beamed around each other. I have never giggled so much at how cute a couple was until this session. They did what every couple sound be doing at their engagement session…and that is laugh and have fun. It is so rewarding to walk away from a session knowing you were just hanging out with the subject and it wasn’t just a job you had to do that evening. I would tell Kraig to whisper something in Haleigh’s ear and all the sudden she would be laughing so hard she couldn’t stop. Agh, I know cute right? You’ll see a few moments of that happening here if you scroll down. Kraig and Haleigh have been dating for a while now and I am so excited to see them join together in marriage this June. They will be one of the first couples to get married in the new Texas Tech Kent Hance Chapel. Get your guns up! Stay a while and check out this sweet pair!

Amanda Marie - Love this session Tara! Such amazing shots friend. Especially love those black and whites in the woods! Swooon. Xoxo

Ryan & Kaitlin | Lubbock Engagement

Kaitlin, Heath and I went to high school together, and this girl is sweet yall! My husband, Heath, shares a birthday with beautiful lady! When they were in elementary they would both have birthday sleepover parties and wrap (or TP for some of you) each other…and more. So you can say they go way back.:)Oh the days…cannot believe we are all growing/grown up? What! Obviously now we are married, and now she is getting married!

Kaitlin met her groom to be, Ryan, at a local gym here in Lubbock. They both got their fitness on at Zach’s Gym, and basically the rest is history. They were friends before they started dating, and now they work at Complete Nutrition in Amarillo. So…they are in serious shape! Hotties with bodies! (excuse my quirkiness) So of course we had to end the session at Zach’s with a few fun workout images! I can tell you that they are cute, but you have to see for yourself.

I am thrilled to be shooting their wedding on Cinco de Mayo, its going to be one fun celebration! Look forward to seeing the images from it!


Catching up again!

Finally, here is those beautiful couples from Christmas! Both were so refreshing to shoot, simply…i love love. Following these sessions, I have several engagements to show you! Starting this next week, I will be keeping you updated on all sessions. I have started to set goals for my business, my daily life, and everything in between. One of those goals is to share more of my personal life with you sweet people! With that being said, once a week I will be posting a personal blog. It might be about my marriage, my walk with Christ, my sweet pup Leo, and more. I am so excited yall! I am really pushing myself…in a good way, to pursue my dreams and goals not only for my business but everything in my life. Im looking forward to what the future brings, and hoping you will walk through this with me! Many blessings for your week…love!


Meagan and Michael


The Horkeys



jennifer blair - I love your style girl! These are presh. I love that they included the pup!