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Tonight, I should be editing all my really beautiful seniors right this second. But I got curious thinking about when life started to change so drastically? I think about it often really… So naturally, I decided to go back on my timeline on Facebook to a year ago today. I giggled, one of my status’ said “Only 100 more days until I marry my best friend.” And now less than 100 days to our first anniversary. Then, I just kept going back year after year. 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008…I stopped there and scrolled and stopped and liked a bunch of random things. I read all these things I used to post, all the people who would comment, looking at images of with myself in them. Tears started welling up in eyes and I don’t know if I can even tell you why. I looked at a lot of those things feeling like I was reading and looking at someones Facebook I had never met before. I dont think I have ever had that feeling come over me before. Being human, I began to question all the things that made me change and how I got to where I am now. Where did the passion and zeal I had then go? Why have I not talked to that person? What happened to that relationship? Where did it all go wrong?

…I stopped.

Wait, why did I even ask all those things?

The Lord reminded me of a conversation I had this week with a sweet friend. We met for coffee for the first time we have been friends, which is for several years. Why we waited so long, who knows. But I do know His spirit was there that morning with us. She asked how married life is? I answered…”hard but really beautiful and really really worth it.” She looked at me and said “Mmm, I love that.”  She is in a relationship with such a warrior for the Lord. I don’t even know him, but the way she explained him was just that. She started to tell me about a book she was reading about marriage and everything about marriage.  (The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller, she recommends it to anyone single, married, divorced) She would explain a part of the book and look at me and say, “Do you relate?” and I just kept saying Yes, yes and yes again. Then I would giggle at the example I just thought in of my head of what she just said. Then she said something from the book that stuck out to me. The book talks about when you marry your spouse…you are marrying the person for who they are in that moment and who you fell in love with for…AND you marry the person for what they will be in 1 year or 5 years or 50 years. You marry the now person and the future person.


So my husband married me for the person he fell in love with and the person I am now. AND later. He married the 20 year old body, and the 80 year old wrinkly body. (I wonder if he thought of that…tehe) Sorry for the visual people. But seriousness thats a scary thought to me, after glancing back through my Facebook tonight. Scary because life has really changed drastically, and in ways I never thought would. And Im not sure that my 2008 Tara Donaho would accept my 2012 Tara Hobgood. I know we all know the “for better or worse” vows you repeat on your wedding day. But do we understand them, and if we do…do we REALLY understand the heaviness of the REALNESS of the words we quickly repeat during the ceremony. I don’t think we do.

Not until we understand the fullness of God’s commitment to us. Yes, we know He sent his son to die on the cross for our sins. Sins now and sins later. But do we understand the commitment in that way I just explained. That He commits to the person you are today, and the person you are when you are 63. You can sit in front of you computer screen and shake your head and say yes. But I dont know if we really understand that to the fullness.

I dont. And I can say that because tonight I wept at the idea of the change I “allowed” myself to go through. And I wished that some of that part of me was still here. What is the point in wishing the past when we have been promised of love and commitment in our change and in our future? In my flesh, I feel like I took a wrong turn and ruined something somewhere. But I didnt, and if I did (which I didnt) then He is still committed to me in that. As did my husband that married me to reflect Gods commitment to the church (His people). So, tonight I am so beyond grateful for commitment from our God. I am beyond grateful and embrace all change that has happened in my life, from 1995 to 2000, 2008 to now. I have true joy in knowing He has met me exactly where I needed Him. Like always right? I accept any and all change in the future…and the past. Because my life is beyond beautiful right now. And yours is too. Whether you have changed in the way you wanted or not. He has committed to you in the deepest and sincere way anyone will ever commit to you.

jennifer blair - Wow. This is so beautiful. I have often looked back and wondered how I changed so much. I miss the old me sometimes. Man, I love so many of your thoughts here. To think that God is committed to who I was, who I am and who I will be just blows my mind! Dang!

Lyndsi Stewart - Such a wonderful post! Marrying the now person and the future person.. I hadn’t really ever thought of it like that. I needed every single word of this post tonight, thank you.

Kaitlyn Schaffner - Such beautiful, true, and encouraging thoughts Tara. I love your heart. Thank you for reminding me of the commitment of our Father!!

ally mceachern - so much wisdom from a 22 year old tara hobgood. love it. always have. always will.

Brooke Allison - I love you Tara! Thank YOU for always allowing the Spirit to work through you and speak through you!

chelsie - I’ve been thinking through similar things after looking at my timeline, once it was forced to change, but mine was more on friendships. Compound that with Audrey’s wedding, etc., and you’ve got a thinking problem.

It’s good sometimes to take a long look in the mirror, but it’s better when you do what you did and recognize that the mirror is going to show you something different. Nostalgia is one thing, aching for the past is another.

I think all the Tara (Donaho) Hobgoods over the years have served their purpose. We get better with time, right? :)


(I wonder if Mark Zuckerburg realized the existential crises he’d put people like us through with timeline)

Amanda Marie - You are such a beautiful soul Tara! I so wish we lived closer to one another to meet up weekly for coffee, I can totally relate to you and you are the sweetest! God does commit to love us daily, and the beauty is learning how to live out His love He shows us everyday through all the people WE love. Xoxo

Tiffany | Lubbock Senior

Tiffany is the stinking cutest thing ever! She just giggled and made the cutest/silliest faces that I adored! She is a senior at Frenship, and is was on the pom squad there. She has the bubbliest personality and her joy is contagious. Tiff danced at the same studio I did when I was growing up, she is a beautiful dancer! I remember four years ago thinking how dance might not be as big as a part of my life ever again. Very weird feeling. So… I was so thrilled to be able to capture this time for her. It seems like yesterday that “the older girls” watched “the younger girls” dance together…now im a “older…older girl” watching “the younger/older girls” graduate and do there last dances for our studio. Bittersweet and beautiful to remember the time that has gone by!

Our shoot was on a morning that was extremely foggy and humid, but Tiffany rocked it. Heres some images of this darlin girl. I am so proud of you Tiff and so  excited for what the Lord has in store for you for the next four years! Enjoy your last little bit of high school!


Dixie Dobbins - I love your photography! Very fresh and beautiful!

Cathleen | Lubbock Senior

Cathleen is a senior at Coronado High School. And I like her, I like her ALOT. Partially because she is going to prom with my baby brother. (more about that later:)! ) But mostly because we relate. During her session, I felt like we were two friends just hanging out. Which is so relaxing for me when I am shooting a session. She is soft-spoken, sweet as can be and has the cutest personality. The morning we met for the session, it was freezing. I felt so bad for being wrapped up in a scarf and warm jacket while she was wearing flip flops and shorts. But she was truly a trooper and I am so thankful. Toward the end of the session the weather warmed up and someone was waiting to ask her a question? Scroll to the bottom to find out what. Some of these images are my favorite ever… I am so excited for what she will be doing next year at TTU.

Cathleen, be my friend for life? Thank you so much for letting me capture this time, and for giving me the sweetest gift. I am so digging the The Staves CD. I am so proud of you!


In the fall, Cathleen messaged me asking if I would take your senior pictures. Right from that moment, I told my brother he should ask her to prom during the session. (He originally wanted to, it wasnt my idea!) Well…HE DID! We went to our last location and there waits my brother, Jake…with flowers and a guitar. (eeeeeek, makes me smile thinking about it!)

Sidenote: About 30 minutes into to the session while Cathleen was changing into another outfit, I send this text to my brother,
“Okay, we just got started about 30 mins ago, head over this way in about an hour! ”

Long pause, Cathleen looks at me and shows me her phone asking…
“Did you mean to send this to me?”

Yall! I froze and my mind circled trying to find a fib to tell her. But all I could say was,
“HAH! No, opps! I wonder why it did that!”

Smooth right? Well, she didnt question me, thank goodness! Well, we arrive at the last location and Cathleen looks up and asks “Uhmmm, Is that Jake?” And I just giggled and said maybe. She gets out of the car and walks up to him singing a song, Do you remember? by Jack Johnson! He of course, changed the words to…to ask her to prom!
IT WAS ADORABLE! I know Im biased a little but I loved her reaction and how awesome my brother is. She immediately said YES! And continued to tell him she had no idea he could sing. Precious right? They will be the cutest couple at prom.:)


Danielle Patton - These are great Tara!!

Ashley Bell - Tara, these are stunning! As are all your photos. You have such a gift and I enjoy following your work!

Madison Bamert - What a great session! Love all her outfits, so unique. Great job Tara!

Brittany | Texas Tech Senior

This friendship started in middle school. I cant remember exactly how or when or where! But I know that she is one of the most beautiful human beings that I have the honor to know. Brittany has always had this drive and determination at everything she does. The type of person that knows what she wants and goes after it. She works hard, and she loves and embraces those things that she works hard for. I have always admired her for that. Luckily I got to closely watch her achieve goals through middle school and high school. We were close friends, we went to school together, we went to church together, we danced together, we related to each other. The desires of her heart are beautiful, and I can say that with complete confidence that the Lord has and will bless her with those things. I am so proud of who she has become. She is going to be graduating from COLLEGE y’all. When did we all grow up? It blows my mind how fast life goes by. Anyways, she is going to be a freaking amazing middle school teacher. Please keep her in your prayers as she searches for THE job.

First of all, thank you for letting me capture your life during this time. Second, thank you for being a beautiful person. I am so thankful our paths crossed however many years ago. You have blessed me through many situations! You exude so much joy and beauty that everyone can see. I am so excited for you and this next step in your life. Love you darling friend!




jennifer blair - These are amazing Tara, and she is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Ally M - amazing, t!

Jamie Pitman - These are beautiful! Nice work!!

Natasha - You definitely captured her beautiful personality in these awesome pics!

Lara Patton - BHoff is the most beautiful woman inside and out! I love all of these photos. Tara, you truly have an amazing talent.

Ali & Eric | Lubbock Engagement

I received an email from Ali that said “We need engagements ASAP!” (because they are getting married April 28th) And and I told her absolutely, and we scheduled this session. She said it was an answer to her prayers. And I told her she was an answer to mine also. From that minute on I was thrilled to shoot them. We had never met before this session, but I felt like I knew them before I met them. As soon as I met Ali, she was just as graceful and beautiful as I thought she would be. And Eric is the perfect fit to that, he was caring and loving. Not exactly something he would probably want to be described as, as a guy that is. But he was, and it was refreshing to watch him love her and carry her through the stickers we had to walk through. They were silly, and Ali’s laugh was the cutest thing ever. But it was cute in a way that only Eric could make her laugh like that.

I related to them as soon as they told me they had been dating for less than a year. (Heath and I only dated for 7 months before getting engaged) Then they continued to tell me more about their lives. Their love for Jesus. Okay, hooked me. I just kept thanking Him for bringing this couple into my life, thanking Him for giving me the hands and eyes to portray this season in their lives. To say the least, this is one of my favorite engagement sessions to date. First of all for how freaking gorgeous this couple is. Second of all for the feeling I felt watching strangers (and friends) relationship unfold in front of a camera. And lastly, the thankfulness I had for the Lord renewing my eyes and sparking a fire in my heart again. In a few weeks, I will be shooting Ali’s bridal portraits and I can promise that you will want to come back to see them. I hope to capture the full capacity of grace and beauty I was talking about earlier. (plus that bridal glow every bride should have a couple of weeks before her wedding):)


Kelsee - i was anticipating this session since i last talked to you…you were so excited about it!!! T, these are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! and her eyes..oh those brown eyes are stunning!!!!!! I think you caught such simple love. perfection!!