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Calvin | Coronado Senior

Calvin is one of those people you just enjoy being around. He has a servants heart, seriously yall. At CHS he was involved in so many things, from playing soccer to being very involved in FCA. His family takes a group of students to Africa every year on a mission trip, so his roots are in servanthood coming from his parents. They are currently there right now. Can we say jealous? I seriously am. I am looking forward to seeing many photos when they all return.

If you’re a photographer, you know how hard it can be to take photos of guys. Mostly getting them to smile…a REAL smile. When Calvin would real smile, he would laugh. And his laugh was THE BEST. I left his session with sore cheeks people. It helped that his darling girlfriend Taylor was there to help him relax. You will see her beautiful images later this week! Right now, enjoy Calvin and all his talents and big smiles.


Taylor | Coronado Senior » tarahobgoodphotography.com - [...] awesome at. Her personality is soft and sweet and loves Jesus. She is also currently in Africa with Calvin’s family! Obviously she has a heart for people. And I am so glad I had the chance to hang out with [...]

Caitlyn - I love your work! Stunning. I am curious, do you take the pictures that are in the green trees/ grass in Lubbock because I never have seen anything that green here! Or do you drive elsewhere?

Thank you!

Elyse | Coronado Senior

Elyse is one of the cutest girls ever. I say that because I know her and have been able to watch her grow up! She attended school with my brother and also attends the summer church camp that I grew up going to and now a director for! Her sister is Lindsey, the TTU twirler! She is one of the many that graduated with my brother at Coronado and will be attending Texas Tech! I just loved her outfits she chose. I was so thrilled to be able to use my ribbon garland I made for my wedding, her mint dress fit perfectly for it! She is sweet and fun you guys. Just look at her!:)

kat marcum - these are so stinking great! beautiful lighting!!

Agneta | Coronado Senior


You know there are just some people that get you, and you get them. Agneta is one of those sweet girls. Before this session I heard great things about her but had never met her. I graduated with her older brother and their family is so giving. They willingly bring in kids with different circumstances to call their own home…a home to other people. During her session Agneta told me how much she just wants lots of tiny humans running all over her house just like the home she has grown up in. We just laughed at how much we both loved kids and many more things. I love when I am shooting a session and you get caught up talking about anything and everything. Those always last the longest, but without a doubt I walk away feeling blessed for a new friendship. She has a really beautiful heart and she wore someone who is special to her hearts jewelry. We were lucky to have some really beautiful light too. She will be headed to UT next year and I am jealous she will be living in Austin. But so excited for her new adventures. Thank you sweet girl for spending time with me, now its time to graduate!

Ethan | Coronado Senior


Ethan was my brother, Jake, first best friend. I wish I had some old photos to show you of the two of them…because they are absolutely hilarious. (They were little teddy bears, basically.) His family used to live across the street from us. So there was days we wouldn’t see Jake all day long because he would be at Ethans. They have stayed close friends ever since then and now they are graduating high school together. Ethan has always been the goofy but really well mannered friend of Jake’s. His momma taught him well. He always makes people laugh, and I am not the only person that will say that. His family is one of the sweetest families I have ever known and a blessing to my brother’s life. Ethan will be attending ACU next year. We are so sad to see him go, but so thrilled for his future in Abilene! (Ethan dont forget you can always come back home and go to TTU with Jake…);-)

Lindsey | Texas Tech Senior


Well, after two months of being slammed with some awesome senior sessions. I have spent days and nights (very late nights) of editing and delivering and meeting and everything…I have found the light at the end of the tunnel. My husband has found me again basically, bless his heart. I am now caught up with processing all my seniors images and  I can blog all of them for you! Get ready for a mass of blog posts people…its going to be serious! And now I should probably catch up with laundry, dishes, cleaning…they all got neglected. (oops:)) I am so beyond thankful for the amount of people I have been able to meet and capture the past few months. It has been…incredible. A learning experience to say the least…but incredible. So thank you to all you awesome seniors…and your parents for your patience, time and love. I love sharing life with you for the little amount of time I could!

With that being said, this is Lindsey! She is graduating from TTU in August! I could not be more thrilled for her! I was able to shoot her and her sister a week later both for graduating! Lindsey was a twirler at Tech for all four years so of course we had to do some shots in her uniform! She is so sweet and has some beautiful eyes to say the least. Just look!