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Angela | Bridals

Yesterday Angela and Seth got married at Spirit Ranch here in their hometown, Lubbock. It was beautiful. Their love was so evident and so encouraging. They live in Minot, North Dakota currently so they came in town a week early to prepare for the wedding! On Monday, I met with Angela and her family at Spirit Ranch to do her bridals. It was hot but gorgeous outside and her family told her how beautiful she looked. I couldn’t help but melt at their bond and relationship. Here are a few sneak peeks from that evening and a few of Seth and Angela from last night! Cant wait to show you the rest!


Heather - These came out so beautiful!! I love the few bridals of Ang!! The wedding was beautiful and I can’t wait to see all of the pictures!!

Sarah Satour - Any chance you remember the name of the venue featuring Rachel Burden. I love the chapel with the vines on the side. She’s absolutely stunning in those photos by the way. You are a great photographer.

Taylor | Coronado Senior

Taylor is one of the cutest girls EVER. For her session, her family came along with her. Including their extremely precious dog…now I want one just like theirs! So we got a few shots with her sweet pup and her brother also! Taylor will be headed to TCU next year. She is interested in anything that has to do with art and design…and she will be awesome at. Her personality is soft and sweet and loves Jesus. She is also currently in Africa with Calvin’s¬†family! Obviously she has a heart for people. And I am so glad I had the chance to hang out with her for a short time. I am so excited for her and her best friend, Grace (which you will see soon:)) to start your new adventure together! Enjoy her images…she is gorgeous!


Kelsee Reeves - 5th from the top and 3rd from the bottom…bazinga!!! really though, they are all gorgeous!!! the way you see beauty is incredible T!

Amanda Marie - I love everything about this Tara! Precious outfits, scenery and of course, photos! :) Great work amazing friend!

Emilee | Littlefield Senior

Last fall we moved to the small town of Littlefield, TX to do youth ministry at the Methodist church. It was one of the most challenging and rewarding seasons for my husband and I to ever go through. Especially during our first year of marriage. But the lead pastor, Gary Boles and his family were a safe place for us while we were there. We were embraced by this family. We are forever thankful for the things they did for us, the words they gave us and the fighting they fought for us. They have big hearts y’all. There was nothing more than them wanting to serve the Lord and bring glory to His kingdom. We will never regret going to that small little town and getting out there and trying some new. But the Boles are a big part in that.

Emilee is their youngest daughter of three and graduated from high school this year. She was a blessing to us just as much as her parents were. She has such a special place in my heart because of it. She is a leader, she is kind, she is tender-hearted, she is giving, and she is beautiful. The day we shot her session, her dad, mom, sister and my husband all came with us. It was like a party and it was just one of those moments you feel pure joy being with people you care for. I love when family comes to join in on the session because it gives them a chance to relax and be themselves. I am so excited for her to be moving to Lubbock and attending TTU. I hope that while she is here we will be hanging out because I adore her! Emilee, we love you darling girl and are so thankful for you and your sweet spirit!



Will | Coronado Senior

Will is the guy everyone loves to be around. He is the goofy and hilarious guy but that is also polite. (His momma taught him well) His mom came along with us on the shoot and she was dancing around behind me (in heels!) trying to get him to laugh. Oh, the things we do to get you guys to laugh. But it always ends up it being worth it. Next fall, Will is headed to TTU! Enjoy your summer Will, thank you for allowing me to shoot you!


Kelsee Reeves - 5th from the bottom….uhhhhhhhh WOW!!!

Taylor | Frenship Senior


This girl is special to me…she was a student in youth ministry I worked with for a couple of years. When you spiritually connect with someone, its a relationship that will always be special. I am so thankful for the friendship I was able to build with her and her family during the short time I was there. She has a heart of gold, and the sweetest personality. And you just wait and see how freaking beautiful she is and HER HAIR. Its the hair we all dream about ladies. We ended her session at her parents friend’s house in the country! It was the most darling west Texas country house with old vintage backyard decor! She wanted some photos with all the incredible accomplishments from stock showing. Taylor is headed to TTU in the fall and I am so excited for her! Looking forward to see how her future unfolds:)Love you sweet girl, I am so proud of you!