Seriously, what a joy it is to be given an opportunity to capture someones life with something simple as a touch of a button. For me, photography is an outlet to offer life and hope to those around me. It’s life portrayed in a tiny box. I get to give this ONE moment I capture…life. What a beautiful thing. I am honored to be given the opportunity to walk and share life with those I get to work with when I take their photographs…and long after. I promise to share my heart, and love you unconditionally! Christ is my firm foundation, and I give Him all the glory for getting what I get to do everyday.






Sitting Fee for all Sessions: $200

My collections begin at $1,800, please contact me to receive more information and to view all of my wedding packages! No matter what wedding collection you choose, you will always receive ownership of your high-resolution images, fully edited and ready to print, anytime, anywhere. I would love to hear from you. Please include your wedding date and your engagement story…because I adore love and want to know about the two of you! I am based in Lubbock, Texas, available for travel worldwide! And I really love to travel!

Rachel Hufstedler - Hello!! :)

I absolutely LOVE your work! You have such a natural, God inspired gift that is so refreshing. My fiance, Ryan, and I just got engaged two days ago and it has been a whirlwind of a weekend with Easter also being his birthday! I follow your blog pretty regularly and I have lots of friends that have used you. I am from Lubbock and I graduated from Monterey in 2008 and my fiance is from the Dallas area. I remember hearing your name in high school (you know how that is…) and hopefully I can meet you sometime!!

So here’s the story….

My dad is a police officer here in town and all day on Friday he was warning to watch my speed on 82nd street (which is the street that I take to get to my fiance’s house) because they are working traffic over there really heavy. Ryan asked me to go on a date with him on Friday night and he told me to dress nice. He called me to let me know that he was about to leave to come get me but that he had a flat tire and that I would have to come get him. I was driving (down 82nd) to his house when I noticed a police car pull in behind me. As soon as I turned onto Ryan’s street off of 82nd, they turned their lights on and pulled me over. I knew it was my dad because he has pulled me over as a joke before, but I didn’t know that Ryan was in the car with him. Ryan walked up to my car and helped me out. He then got down on one knee and said, “Rachel, will you marry me?” Then I said…….YES!! I was so glad that Ryan included my dad and he ws so intentional about it being symbolic of the change of covering over me from my dad to him as my husband. I could talk about it all day but we’ll get to business :)

We are tentatively looking at August 12, 2012 here in town. We would also want you to do our engagement and my bridals if you offer that service as well. We’re looking at a couple of other people, but if you’re avaliable I would really like to have you do this for us :)


Rachel Hufstedler

Haleigh Hickerson - Hi Tara,

I am a graduating senior from TTU looking into doing senior pictures.. What all comes with the $200? More than one outfit or locations?? Also, obviously im alittle short on time since graduating is in a month! Can you even fit me in?? Thank so much!

Nichole Shook - Do you do maternity shoots at all? If so what all would it intale and how much would it be?

Madi Mikael - Hey Tara! Do you have any mini sessions left for Christmas?? I know it is late notice but I thought I would check! Love your work :)

Kelsey Reed & Nathan Pond - Hello Tara! Nathan and I are long-time fans of you, your faith, and your photography. It is now our turn to unite before the eyes of God and cannot think of anyone better to capture our story.

You said you liked to travel, so here is out challenge: we will be married in my hometown of New Braunfels, Texas December 31, 2013. Hope you are free and willing next New Years Eve. If so, please send us all your wedding packages. Additionally, we are interested in taking engagements next fall in Lubbock, so please include that information as well!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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