Brittany | Texas Tech Senior

This friendship started in middle school. I cant remember exactly how or when or where! But I know that she is one of the most beautiful human beings that I have the honor to know. Brittany has always had this drive and determination at everything she does. The type of person that knows what she wants and goes after it. She works hard, and she loves and embraces those things that she works hard for. I have always admired her for that. Luckily I got to closely watch her achieve goals through middle school and high school. We were close friends, we went to school together, we went to church together, we danced together, we related to each other. The desires of her heart are beautiful, and I can say that with complete confidence that the Lord has and will bless her with those things. I am so proud of who she has become. She is going to be graduating from COLLEGE y’all. When did we all grow up? It blows my mind how fast life goes by. Anyways, she is going to be a freaking amazing middle school teacher. Please keep her in your prayers as she searches for THE job.

First of all, thank you for letting me capture your life during this time. Second, thank you for being a beautiful person. I am so thankful our paths crossed however many years ago. You have blessed me through many situations! You exude so much joy and beauty that everyone can see. I am so excited for you and this next step in your life. Love you darling friend!




jennifer blair - These are amazing Tara, and she is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Ally M - amazing, t!

Jamie Pitman - These are beautiful! Nice work!!

Natasha - You definitely captured her beautiful personality in these awesome pics!

Lara Patton - BHoff is the most beautiful woman inside and out! I love all of these photos. Tara, you truly have an amazing talent.

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