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If I said that this year went by fast and that I can’t believe that it’s already 2013…I would be lying. This year has been a long one! Not at all in a negative way…it just feels like it has been 2012 for 5 years! I am so so excited to start this new year.

2012 started with jumping into my business full-time with not a clue what to do or expect. I had an extremely open mind and heart for what was to come. I said yes to everything that came my way. I tried to figure out my style, my post-processing, and how to run a business. I played with new lenses, bought new equipment, learned a little about flash. I have experimented, changed, searched, played a little, worked alot, got little sleep and literally had the time of my life. AND I am still learning and searching. But in the meantime, I have met incredible people and documented really beautiful milestones in their lives. I had the honor of shoot friends and family through important seasons including my brother graduating from high school and my friends have babies. I cannot be more thankful for this life the Lord has chosen for me. I lead a very beautiful life right now, yall.

2012 allowed me to grow. Honestly, it made me grow. Personally, we have been through so many changes in this year. I didn’t even know it was possible for that much to change in one year. But it did, and we grew. We moved too many times, added Little Leo to our family, switched churches, bought a car (?!?!? that one still freaks me out!), developed a very bad baby fever (tehe!) and too many things for me to remember.

And honestly, I worked…way too much. I said yes…way too much. I never really understood how to say no until the end of this year…and I still wasn’t good at it. For those of you who work a lot and thrive from it. Kudos to you! I cannot work, work, work all the stinking time. I forget how to take care of myself. I forgot how to feed my soul. I forgot how to be the best wife I could be to my love. I didn’t do the things I love like I used to. I would work from 9am-2am almost every day. And I promise to you this is not an fib. BUT I did this because I LOVE what I do! I accepted so much opportunity that laundry piled up, homemade meals were never cooked, missed out on important moments and things outside of my business didn’t get done. It resulted in too many emotional meltdowns and obsessing over pleasing my clients only.

I am not telling you this to make you feel sympathy for me.  This to let you know things will be changing around here y’all!

Pricing has changed for 2013. I am in the process of switching it all over on my website but have had trouble getting logged in! So SOON that will all be correct! Please contact me through email to get updated pricing or if you have any questions!

My goals for this year consist of alot. But I will share a few with you…

SAY NO! : Self explainatory, I think. I am reading a book right now called The Resolution of Women by Priscilla Shirer (which I highly recommend for all ladies!) Here is an excerpt the Lord made bold and bright in my face the other night.

“Give yourself permission to say no to certain things that are not really yours to carry right now. And force yourself to delay certain things that arent your primary mission for this moment. In doing so, you’ll find that every yes come with a lot more freedom and fulfullment.”

        BOOM. I will be intentional with rest. Working only until 5 so I can cook for my husband, going to bed at a decent hour, allowing time to BREATHE.

BLOG : I am going to be realistic and say update it at least once a week whether its personal or photography related! Hopefully it will be more than that! Also keep my website updated also! Which needs a major update! (Coming soon!)

Get published : Submit work to a blog or magazine to be printed! I want to show off the awesome people I work with!

Serve : My husband. My church. My family and friends.

Read books : I would love to be able to read a book a month. 12 books; 12 months. So I will try to fulfill this goal!

Get healthy! : Start working out again, not for a goal in what I want my body to look like but to feel healthier and to have a way to let my body release stress!

Lastly and more importantly, I want to be so intentional with my relationship with my Father that there is nothing ever more important than spending time with Him. This is something I didn’t do enough of in 2012, and that resulted in stress and unhappiness in my daily life. I am so ready for a more intimate relationship with Him. This is my biggest and most important goal.

With all that being said, I wanted to share my year with you! First starting with my couples, then families and kids and last but not least seniors! Looking back I cant believe how much my photography has evolved. I am so looking forward to a year from now to see the same thing. I AM SO EXCITED. I feel so blessed that all these people trusted me to do this for them. AGH! What a beautiful thing. So thankful. Enjoy this post and look forward to seeing a blog post with my 2012 weddings in the next few days!


Jade - You are so right darlin girl. Love of your job is a wonderful and beautiful thing to have! And you are so lucky to have it.
And it is WAY important for you to make sure you set goals so that next year you STILL love your job. And also that your husband still loves your job. And so your future children see you as passionate about and not consumed with your job.
And the way to do that is seek Him with all that you have. Every bit of you.
I am so proud of you my tbree! Not only because you are a wonderful photographer, a wonderful person, or a person with a heart for leading others to your Father: you are all those things. But because you are and always have been passionate about seeking Him and His heart first. And you are never really fulfilled until you feel as though you are walking intimately with Him. You are a true worshipper.

i love you, darlin girl. praying that this year is full of all these things and so many other wonderful beautiful things that you could only dream of.

Christmas Mini Sessions!

I cannot tell you how happy it makes me that its almost Christmas. Yes…I am one of those people! I have been walking through stores going straight to holiday decor sections. If you know me…this is not a rare occasion to shop for decor. But really, Christmas is even worse than just regular decor shopping. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! So in honor of that spirit (and that fact that everyone loves mini-sessions), Last night I announced that I am offering my Christmas Mini’s again this year! Below is more information! Just from posting last night, I have booked at least one mini everyone of those dates! CRAZY! But I have three available times for each of those days so no worries! There is still spots available for you all to snag! Email or message me to book one now!

Also! If you go to my Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/tarahobgoodphotography) and find the image below and decide to share it on your Facebook timeline, you can enter to WIN a FREE mini-session! So head on over to Facebook and try to win! I will be announcing the winner October 18th! Hope you are all as excited as me…and if you’re not thats okay because I still love Christmas.:)Have a great weekend friends!

Rachel Burden | Lubbock Bridals


My summer wedding season came to an end with this beautiful bride Rachel, and her now husband Ryan! Now I have a full month of editing before weddings start up again for me…phew. But as you end a season, sometimes you can feel like you are worn down. I started to feel that a couple weeks before this couples wedding…but there was something about her wedding as I walked into the room where she was getting ready that I just felt this big breathe of fresh air. I think it was because this bride became more than just a client, she is a gem ya’ll. I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of this process with the two of them!

Rachel is stunning, has such a beautiful heart for the Lord. When I went to pick her up for her bridals, I knew she would look beautiful. But holy smokes…she was GORGEOUS…it almost brought me to tears. She brought such excitement and joy with her that day…oh and a couple of really awesome friends.:)Her friends made the experience 100% fun, exciting, and real for her. I am so excited to show you these images…so I will let you look and stop reading. Looking forward to sharing her wedding with you!




jennifer blair - Holy smokes. Girl, these are crazy awesome!!

Ashley Bell - These left me speechless, absolutely stunning! Such a beautiful bride and very talented photographer!

Jade - Oh T. Every single one of these is killer! They made me gasp.
I love you sweet talented girl!

One year.

One year.

One whole stinking year of marriage goodness.

I am not even sure how time passed so quickly. Today I just reminisced all day about how wonderful today was a year ago. I looked at photos, creeped our facebooks, watched our wedding video, and more.

I am so happy yall. So much joy.

Lets see if I can try to remember all the things that have happened over the next year.

We got married, went on a honeymoon, moved in together, started life together, i worked at the hospital loving on newborns and their families, heath sold mountain gear, started a blog about being thankful, said ‘see you later’ to two of our best friends as they moved away to france, said goodbye to our darling first apartment, moved to littlefield, heath preached and I fell more in love, watched my baby brother play his last season of football, watched friends have their first babies, waited out in the cold on black friday for a washer and dryer, celebrated our 22nd birthday, made videos, got a baby puppy and named him leo, launched my business fulltime, trusted jesus with our life not our plans, moved back to lubbock, started new jobs, attended J*’s workshop, met so many new wonderful friends, celebrated Jared & Kelsey’s 1st anniversary, chopped my hair off, shot so many awesome senior sessions, ate pizza and beer several nights, had baby fever, celebrated friends graduating, bought DMB tickets and went for the 2nd time, watched my brother graduated from HS, had jury duty for the first time, traveled, went to church camp at Ceta, watched friends have their 3rd baby and get engaged and get married, made pallets on the living room floor, got a wedding band, started shooting weddings every weeekend, went to austin and shot a wedding for the first time together, wished we lived in austin….

changed, find out more of who we are, struggled, learned about selfishness and selflessness, gave up old things, started new things together, walked through the valley, and found the mountaintop again, learned about Jesus’ love more than we have before, lived, forgave, held lots of grudges, cried, and laughed alot.

I never would have imagined marriage like our marriage is. It is not like anything I would have imagined or dreamed it being. First, it is so much more perfect than I thought, and it is so more imperfect also. I know you probably think how crazy that sounds. But the Lord prepared my heart for this time but also challenged me to the fullest.  Marriage is so much bigger than we all think it is. Its so much more important than your wedding dress and your decorations and your flowers and who is in your wedding party. Because it all fades. Marriage is not a fairy tale. It is freaking hard, you have to allow yourself to change into a better version of yourself…even if you already think you’re the better version of yourself. Marriage is not about you or your husband. There is absolutely no room for selfishness. Its about the Lord, the covenant, that you are commissioned out…together, for His glory.

Every time I have had someone ask me how married life is, I have had to respond with true and honest answers. Mostly because I don’t feel like I ever heard the truth, everything was always sugarcoated for me. First thing I say is “Its so freaking hard.” and end with “But I could never imagine life any different.” Life is life, and the ups and downs are ever present, regardless of our relationship status. This is my attempt to be honest about both. It has been on of the roughest years to date for me personally, and I can say the same for my love. Jesus stretches you, moves you, and molds you in ways that are so painful. But so rewarding. My problems did not go away when I got married, I did not miraculously turn into the perfect wife. I learned expectations ruin everything. Communication is everything. But regardless of the hardships…I fall more in love with my husband everyday. Every single day. I dont regret, I rejoice in the suffering and look forward to the future.

Heath, thank you for being perfect for me. Thank you for listening to Jesus, and for fighting away selfishness in every situation. I am so proud to call you my husband. You are funny, silly, and know exactly how to keep a situation light. I need that, even if it can drive me crazy. Thank you for sticking by my side for all the millions times I have cried or yelled. You didnt know how emotional I could be until this year…tehe. Thank you for loving me through it. I am so proud of how freaking hard you work for us. I love how much you love our little puppy…I cant imagine how awesome you will be with our future kids. Thank you for dreaming with me about babies and showing me patience for waiting on the future. I love when you come home at night, I love when you talk and tell me about your day and I love when you sit and and just watch TV. I love you in every situation. I will love you through everything. I am so excited to have one year under our belt. Can you believe it? I love you so much!

My heart grows every time I see someone is entering into the season of engagement and marriage. I couldnt imagine working with anyone other than brides and grooms and being a part of that one day and the days following. Basically Im feeling extremely in love with my husband and in love with love. Enjoy our beautiful wedding video by Adam Stone, our perfect wedding images by Two Pair Photography, and my few fun bridals by Betsy Lackey!




CB - The most beautiful people (in my humble opinion) are those who recognize growth, challenge, success and pride daily and can reassess regularly. You should be so proud of who you are! Congratulations on a successful first year of marriage. Cheers to many more! :)


Haleigh | Bridals



A few sneak peeks from their beautiful wedding day!




kat marcum - the tall skinny trees!!! perfection! these are all so incredible!

Debbie Allen - Tara, all the pictures are wonderful!!!!!!!! I have too many favorites. Love the one of her laughing and looking over her shoulder – that’s probably my number one.
You did an amazing job and we can’t wait to see them all. Thank you so very much. You are a treasure.